Discover Compassionate Therapy with Sara Jones

When you feel lost or lacking direction, I am here to listen and help you find the way.

What is Compassionate Therapy

Sara Jones

I integrated my background in psychology and psychotherapy with somatic coaching so I can work with you to get to the heart of what you are seeking and how you want to live now.

My compassionate therapeutic approach is designed to support you in navigating difficult emotional experiences.

I am experienced in working with grief and trauma.

My approach :

  • care for your privacy
  • honesty and softness
  • compassion and understanding
  • optimism and hope
  • challenging when you need it
  • non-judgmental and valuing

Watch my podcast interview “Integration of Life, Love and Tragedy” with Mark Walsh and Sara Jones

Podcast with Sara Jones

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Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching

Find and achieve your goals and purpose.

Create the success that makes you happy in the way you choose.

Compassionate Therapy

Compassionate Therapy

Sensitive support in your most difficult moments.

I will help you go through difficult times, survive difficult memories and come to the light, where there is always a place for acceptance and opportunity.

Couples Coaching & Therapy

Couples Sessions

Build not only relationships, but a real intimacy.

Where you are two independent people who enjoy life together.

What people say about their experience

I know the first step may not be easy

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How to begin?

Leave me a message, book a free consultation, or choose among all possible ways on the contact me page.

We will schedule a convenient time to meet in my office if you are in Cascais, or set up an online call.

How will the sessions be held?

If you live in the greater Lisbon area, we can meet in my office in Cascais or on some days it may be possible to meet in São João do Estoril.

Otherwise, we will meet online via zoom, or another platform that is mutually convenient.

How long does the therapy last?

One consultation on average lasts one hour. It may depend on the specific situation, first sessions for example, are often slightly longer.

I am here to support you for as long as you need. Beginning usually with weekly sessions and gradually reducing this frequency when appropriate.

What methods will we use?

It depends very much on each individual case, usually a combination of talking therapy and somatic awareness.

However my approach is very much tailor made for each client. I do not work with diagnosis, I work with the person in front of me. As each client is different, so is the therapeutic relationship that develops, therefore my methods are different for everyone.

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